Bio: This photo blog started off as me trying to leave some sort of legacy of memories for the family, which one day might inspire them to love exploring as much as my husband and I have.It's also great fun to do! It helps me re-live memories of some of the truly wonderful places which we have been privileged to enjoy.So far, our travels have taken us to a fair proportion of Southern Europe/the Mediterranean; to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, with lots of time on safari; and a little hiking and exploring in the Canadian Rockies, California, Utah and Arizona, Iceland and Norway. My heart, however, will always be in Scotland, which I still think is the most beautiful country I've seen anywhere. I love giving advice in Tripadvisor's Scotland Forum, under the scotlandmac moniker, about how to see the best of Scotland.So the blog grew arms and legs as I began adding in recommendations about favourite areas. A bit of personal background - I was lucky enough to escape the rat race 10 years ago, when an early retirement option came up and I waved goodbye to a long career which included teaching English and also managing health and fitness initiatives. My passion is the Great Outdoors, walking and wildlife watching as well as taking photographs. I also enjoy ancient villages and pretty towns, great cities and gardens, old churches and castles. And good food! And most of all, enjoying my two now grown up adult sons as they build their own lives. There are a growing number of walks described in the blog but I am not some Wild Woman of the Mountains, fearless and intrepid (I wish). I suffer from vertigo which has got worse as I've got older so any walks herein, do not include anything scary. I avoid these types of experiences like the plague! I really hope my ramblings help and please drop me a line if I can help in more detail in any way.

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