A Walk on Loch Torridon’s South Shore

This is about 4 miles one way but can easily be curtailed to make it a there and back for as long as time or energy allows. Otherwise, transport will be required to ferry you back to your starting point.
The start point is at one of the entrances to the Balgy Estate and the walk is signposted to Annat (a hamlet beyond The Torridon hotel.)

Walk start and park

We parked just off the road (no real parking as such) then set off along the great track past some holiday lodges with lovely views to Beinn Damh’s pyramidal outlier.The wind was really strong but we were fairly protected from it thankfully.Excellent easy walking all the way amidst great views.

Liathach through the trees

The views to Beinn Alligin and Liathach in particular were outstanding.

After just less than 2 miles, we came across an interesting detour on a smaller path taking us out to a wonderful small peninsula, skirting the loch’s turquoise waters. It was fabulous on a sunny, breezy day! An absolute delight to be out there.

Out on the wee peninsula

Once we’d almost walked full circle we came across an old cottage and the ruins of an old stone harbour and house. What an idyllic spot!

In minutes we had re-joined the main track again, our detour having taken 20 mins or so. A great place for a picnic in less windy weather. Chris then agreed to return back to the car while I continued for another 40 mins or so to the Torridon Hotel, past a beautiful bay and through some lovely woodland.

I had almost reached the hotel, a stunner of a place, 5 star luxury, when I spied Chris walking along the path to join me! Good timing!

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