Loch Torridon Coastal Walk (north side)

 I often think just being in Torridon is enough, without having to do any walks. It’s just so beautiful and majestic. However, there’s always the pressure to up the exercise and the Step Count and of course a walk allows a more up close and personal exploration of any area.

This great 2 hour return (or less/more) walk starts in Torridon (Fasag) village and is almost flat, finally arriving at the beautiful, peaceful spot of  Rechullin. It’s easy to add on to the walk by continuing on to Inveralligin and making a loop of it, rather than a there and back.It’s about an hour, without stops,  to Rechullin. If doing the whole circuit – 2.5  – 3 hours perhaps.It’s also easy not to go as far as Rechullin itself.

Jo’s Café from the car park

We left the car at the small parking area near Jo’s café in Torridon village. It’s possible to park at he Torridon Estate entrance but there’s only room for one car so no guarantee of finding a space. This would cut around a little less than a mile from the walk.

There is a small, boggy track on the moorland which allows you to avoid the tarmac road section of the walk,  but it’s quite rough underfoot.it can be spotted at the end of the village’s last house.But the road , single track, is never very busy.

The rocky, steep and rough slopes of Liathach reared up on our right as we sauntered along by the pebbly shore, watching for otters. A Black Throated Diver hunted offshore, a beautiful bird, known in North America as a Loon.

A bay on the loch

Suddenly,  we noticed the familiar little round head of an otter, steaming through the water towards shore! It was coming with its catch! There’s a lot of gorse lining the shore so we were able to stay part hidden as we watched her emerge onto the rocks. For fifteen minutes we enjoyed the sight of this wild creature,  only 30m or so away, though the photos I took aren’t as sharp as I’d hoped. A great thrill as always however.

On we headed along the road through the Torridon Estate, no cars allowed unless you are staying in one of the holiday properties. Passed Lochside Cottage, which we often stayed in before the price went sky high! New owners, big refurb and out of our price range.There’s an nice old stone jetty where we have also seen the resident otter.


Then through the woodland and over the bridge across the rushing river and a wander through the pine trees past the pond and out onto open moorland again.  In winter, we’ve often seen stags grazing around the woodland section, looking very majestic.

Liathach looming above the Torridon Estate  road

The views are fantastic once out of the woodland again, as the track meanders above the shore,with gorgeous views to towering Beinn Damh across the (often) turquoise waters.

Beinn Damh


The path ends at the beautiful little hamlet known as Rechullin.There are just a couple of houses, very attractive and it’s all very green (the owner of the cream house has converted part of his croft into a 9 hole pitch and putt course! )

There is a nice seat to rest on above the loch as well as a pretty wee converted stone hut, complete with bench to sit on and contemplate the stunning surroundings.


With plenty time today, we headed on for another mile or so along the tiny single track road, utterly quiet, which took us past the hamlet of Inveralligin then up the steepish incline to the Diabaig road.

This is a very quiet single track road and only 3 cars passed us during the next couple of miles.We were now high above the loch with fabulous views to Liathach and across the range of mountains which rise from Loch Torridon.It’s a joy to be up here!

We stopped at the little stone bridge over the river at the small car park which marks the start of the Coire Nobuil walk, to admire the small waterfall there.Then we wandered through one of my favourite spots in Torridon –  the ancient Scots Pine woodland –  with the mountain peaks standing proud behind. Gorgeous.

The road then winds down and down to the loch shore again, at the entrance to the Torridon Estate where we turned left to head back towards the village. We did once detour up into the boggy wee path that runs parallel to the road but incredibly, we spotted an otter swimming across the bay and had to high tail it down to the road again for better views! It’s the first and last time I’ve used this alternative off road path! Too far from the action😊

We last did this walk in April, on a gloomy day and it was still a delight. We started from the cream house at Rechullin, where we stayed for 5 nights and in an easy hour were sitting in Jo’s café having tea and warm scones! 


4 thoughts on “Loch Torridon Coastal Walk (north side)

    1. Hi Dot and really lovely to hear you’re enjoying the blog! Great fun writing all the walks up and reliving the memories.Hope you’re getting some walks in yourself too!
      Best wishes


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