Another famed beach in Crete with a promised superb drive down the coast and only 90 minutes away.

The road was decent if slow and took us a couple of hours but neither of us felt it was particularly interesting or attractive. Perhaps we had been spoiled by the cross country mountain drives of the past few days.

We did see some nice old chapels, some built into the rock.Some of the frescoes in these ancient sites are really wonderful.

Elafonisi itself was quite a wild area, a national park and the beach was nice. It was a grey day down there and we didn’t see it at its best. The area did look as though it would be crammed with campervans and tents in high season. There is strange red sand here and it washes up onto the shore very like diluted blood. This gets rave reviews online and perhaps looks better under sunny skies. What wäs beautiful was walking out to the far headland where a tiny chapel sat amongst beautiful wildflowers, surrounded by the sea.

We spent a couple of hours in the area, enjoying the walk and the unspoiled surroundings. Worth seeing in fine weather though that would bring the crowds too. Overall, I preferred Falasarna’s north end beach out of polytunnel view.Much nicer sand and more of it.

Stopped off at the beautiful Moni Khrysoskalitissa close by and strolled its dazzling white buildings, high above a turquoise inlet and situated on its own little outcrop of rock.


We took a slightly different route back, going back via the Topolia gorge, which our guidebook suggested was worth seeing. It wasn’t up to what we’d seen over the past few days however.

Ate in that night and enjoyed a few glasses of vino on the balcony, watching the stars come out in the clear sky. We had to wrap up though in the cool sea breeze. But it was beautiful – no poly tunnels in the darkness!

We were on a bed and breakfast basis and had an excellent feast next morning. The family owners were a really lovely man and his mother. She made her own Greek cake and it was gorgeous stuff! Fruit salad and yoghurt. Omelette and bacon and scrambled egg. Lots of toast and their own honey and jams. Perfect.Incredibly good value.




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