An inspirational place, a joy to admire and wander around.It was the first castle on our list of ‘must sees’ during a weekend get away in September.We had both seen Dunnotar from the approach path but had never gone in – and you can only really fully appreciate it with a full visit.

We weren’t long back from Norway and what we really missed over there was being able to visit atmospheric ruins, stately castles and homes and the like which of course are littered throughout Scotland.So this weekend away was to satisfy our thirst for the ancient and historic.

Daunter really is an amazing sight on the Aberdeenshire coast, sitting on its craggy cliff.We were so lucky to get mostly dry weather for the visit, just a brief shower, though the paths were quite slippery after a lot of rain.It’s much bigger too than I thought, once we got into the grounds.A lot to wander around and take in.

Our Historic Scotland membership gave us ‘free’ entry. Really good value.

It’s a short drop from the car park, on a good path , right down to a pebbly beach before the steps begin, taking you inside the castle walls. There’s an App now that allows you to hear the fascinating history on your phone.

As always with these castles,  the grounds are manicured around the ruined walls, really setting it all off. The views way down to the pounding sea below and along the cliffs was wonderful.What a spot – no wonder they chose it.

We spent about an hour just strolling in and out the various buildings, admiring the ancient stone walls and listening to the history.The sea swirling below constantly fascinated me I must admit.Even saw a couple of seals hunting near the rocks.

It’s not as vertiginous a castle as Tantallon near Edinburgh which is also on the most magnificent site.


Well worth the trip up from Glasgow already and a great first castle on our weekend away.







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