Haunted Fyvie Castle is one of those grand residential castles, which began as a tower house in the 13th century and then grew and grew into the magnificent edifice which greets you today. Unfortunately, there’s no photography allowed inside, not an uncommon occurrence in these places.There was no guided tour when we were there, just a case of asking the staff in each room what you want to know. The rooms are grand and filled with interesting memorabilia.Quite a place.

What was quite spooky was the story of the ghost which was recounted to us by one of the volunteers.She was quite a stern serious woman (the guide!) so her description of feeling a presence one day when she came on duty, an extra chill in the room as she felt it pass right behind her,  was very believable.

Fyvie’s grounds are huge, mostly woodland with plenty chance to walk, but the gardens are quite small. A pity as I love the wonderful gardens that are usually found around our finest castles.

I did find beautiful gardens however at Leith Hall, about 45 minutes drive away (on very winding roads.)


A stunning building from the outside but the grounds are the thing.Beautiful gardens, herbaceous borders, flowers everywhere,  even a small carved Pictish stone at the entrance.

No cost to see the gardens which are open all year round, so it’s worth it to visit and admire the exterior of the house then stroll the grounds.

Unfortunately the guided tour we had to go on was one of the dullest I’ve ever experienced.I usually love these tours, the guides know so much but this was mostly a story about the family with very little information on the rooms themselves or their furnishings and art.I think the main problem was the delivery of it all, as the youngish girl was nervous and she raced through everything in a quavering, high pitched voice.I really was starting to sway by the time it finished 45 minutes later.It would have been much more enjoyable to just stroll through the rooms, with time to look at what most appealed.

But those gardens would draw me back – in mid summer,  at their best,  they must be quite a sight.In autumn, when we visited,  they were still full of colour.Glorious.


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